Modern Elektra Editing – Owner, Editor

(These are just some of the titles I have done, all different levels of edits offered. This is in no way a complete list of my work.)

* The Devil You Know (Hellfire – Book 1) by Jena Gregoire
* Speak of the Devil (Hellfire – Book 2) by Jena Gregoire
* Dance with the Devil (Hellfire – Book 3) by Jena Gregoire
* Bad Wolf (Executioner – Book 1) by Jena Gregoire
* Race to Justice by Larry Sells and Maggie Porter (2019 Finalist in True Crime in the Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest)
* Killing Rasputin by Margarita Nelipa
* The Right Thing by Terry Persun
* The Killing Machine by Terry Persun
* The Humanzee Experiments by Terry Persun
* Underworld by Roman Martín
* Grilling Dahmer: The Interrogation of the “Milwaukee Cannibal” by Patrick Kennedy and Robin Maharaj 
* The Beast I Loved by Robert Davidson
* 16 Minutes by Diane Marger Moore
* Inconvenience Gone by Diane Marger Moore
* Street Magic: Stories and Tales by Mary B. Banks
* Arctic Fire by Paul Byers
* Shattered Sky by Paul Byers
* In A Heartbeat (Shameful Regret, Book 1) by Liz King
* Make My Heart Beat (Shameful Regret, Book 2) by Liz King
* Beneath the Scars by Ottilie Weber
Family Ties by Ottilie Weber



Wicked WomenMagazine – Founder, Editor, Writer, etc.

Queen Size Magazine
Trytium Publishing – Senior Editor
MindStir Media – Editor

* Indemnity by Paula Wiseman

Virgo’s World Publishing

* Blood Stained Conscience by Tawana Tanique BlackButterfly (also features a foreword written by me)

Ash Magazine – Editor

* Volume II   (“Constellations”, “Jenny Gets a Beater Bike”, “The Mystery of a Statement”, “Addiction”, “Goat Show”, “Imaginary”, “Revolution”)

thefreegeorge.com – Assistant Editor (Edit/proof articles, write articles, maintain and oversee events calendar.)

* Chickadee Interview with Screenwriters
* Buried: Film & DVD review (alternate review can be found here on Wicked Women)
* Veteran’s Day Interesting Trivia
* October Is: Little Known Facts About the Month
* The Millennium Trilogy (unabridged version can be found here on Wicked Women)

Etched in Stone Publications – Editor

* Treachery by Tanisha Henderson
* Money or Murder by Rodney Wilson

LYFE Publishing Editor

* A Book Concerning Danyelle by Danyelle Hampton

The County Compass – copy editor
Kidz Rule USA – Editorial Intern (three months); Editorial Assistant (1 year, 9 months) {Research, writing articles, editing full magazine monthly}

I also edited some short stories for a Canadian client who wishes to remain anonymous. Those were done on hard copy and mailed to the client when finished.