“I employed Jenn Waterman as an editor for my novel Playground 51 in September 2010. I asked her to review my novel for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors and she went above and beyond what I had expected in completing the work. Not only did she provide grammatical editing, but she alerted me to structural inconsistencies within my story and feedback on plot developments. She also completed the task quickly and efficiently, staying in contact with me throughout the process, and delivering the work exactly when she said she would.”
– Natasha Richard, author

“My goodness gracious! I literally was able to accept ALL of the track changes, and I’ve been through six editors and have never once been able to do that. Others are always trying to change the writing and alter things I don’t want altered. What a relief to look at your edits! Thank you so much!”
H.D. Gordon, author of the Alexa Montgomery Saga

“After an extensive search, I finally hired Jenn to edit my book
Blood Stained Conscience. Her professionalism, patience, and knowledge has exceeded all of my expectations. Her attention to detail is immaculate. She caught errors and suggested changes that I never even thought of. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a good editor.”
– Tawana Tanique BlackButterfly, Virgo’s World Publishing Inc.

“Jenn Waterman was the editor of my second book. I found that she was very professional and knowledgeable. I could contact her very easily throughout the whole process in case I had questions or if she had a comment for what was going on. Jenn gave honest and useful feedback, in addition to helping me see my own story from another perspective that could help my writing with other works. Her work I found to be done better then what I could have expected. I hold my stories close to my heart and felt that I could trust her with doing a terrific job along with keeping my ideas as an author. I hope to continue to do work with her in the future!”

Ottilie Weber, author

“I contacted Jenn Waterman to copy edit my short story collection, Street Magic: Stories and Tales (2011). I found Ms. Waterman to be extremely professional and thorough with her edits. Within two days, my short manuscript was completely edited and returned to me in a timely fashion.”
Mary Banks, author

“Her work exemplifies one who is dedicated and passionate about her work.”

– Aaron Hampton,  LYFE Publishing

“[Her] work and resume are extremely impressive, and I love the authenticity of [her] magazine. In a  field where everyone tries to be famous or something like it, I’ve got to admit, it was awesome reading something that actually felt like it came out of a human being’s mouth.”

– Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory

“Jenn Waterman helped proofread our weekly newspaper for approximately four months. She was prompt, courteous, and professional at all times. She was also very flexible – working incredibly odd hours for which I am most appreciative. Although I am not sure which career path Jenn hopes to pursue, I am happy to say to any future employer that she is honest, loyal, and professional.”

– Jeff Aydelette, The County Compass

“Jenn was professional, accurate, and efficient. She read my manuscript twice to check for errors, not just in spelling and punctuation, but in continuity and usage as well. I had the edited hard copy back in my hands within a week.

Jenn treated both me and my manuscript with the utmost respect, even though the genre and subject matter could be seen as controversial. With her help, the book went to print quickly and has already sold several copies.”
Julie Harford, author (statement dated July 5, 2010)

“Jenn has been the primary editor for my magazine and has demonstrated over the past year her great skill in editing. In addition to making wise revisions others neglected, she is enthusiastic about her work and has never missed a deadline. Jen is prompt, professional, and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend her as an editor. She would be of great value to any organization.”

– Josh Cook, Ash Magazine (Volume II)

“I asked Jenn Waterman to edit my manuscript
She Who Bathes Regularly. I expected the typical, ‘you missed a period here’ type of editing, which I knew the manuscript needed, and that I couldn’t do myself. What I got, however, was so much better.The editing was wonderfully and promptly done, and Jenn not only did punctuation, spelling, and grammar, she also pointed out phrases that would not be known by my intended audience, and places where I assumed that my readers knew something I had not written about. I will definitely use Jenn for all my editing needs in the future.”
– Gretchen Rautman, author