Why MEE?

It’s not my writing, but I’ll do everything I can to make it shine  while retaining the author’s style and voice. I do my damnedest to make those words loved.

I’ve been editing for more than a decade, and to be honest, I’m a kick-ass editor. My clients are always satisfied. I believe in working with an author to put out the best product possible. An author loves their words – I work to help make the audience love them even more. I devote myself to the manuscript.

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I take pride in my work. I have a very keen eye for detail, catching things that have often been missed by others. Editing, for me, is part of who I am; it’s second nature.

That second nature and my love of words are what make me stand out; they’re necessary when it comes to the details, and discovering discrepancies and errors, in working the fine details of line edits while knowing the story and keeping the whole picture in mind.

I do not believe in altering the author’s voice or style – it’s their work, not mine – though I check grammar, consistency of characters, and aspects of the plot (misdirection, the reveal of information, continuity). I assess each manuscript for its individual demands. If there’s writing to be done to match style, I can do that. Changing the author’s voice is not something I believe in, even with non-fiction, and I work hard not to do so. If I think something needs to be rewritten and I can’t provide an example, I will comment on what I think is needed and have the author do the rewrite. It’s not my book and therefore I try to leave my narrative style out of it as much as possible.

To go in and change the style, tone, and voice is not my job. My job is to make your story shine.

Modern Elektra Editing was founded in 2005 by Jenn Waterman as a business to manage her contracted and freelance clients.

Modern Elektra Editing‘s goal and purpose is to provide superior editorial service to its clients at a reasonable and market competitive rate. My goal and consideration is your satisfaction.

MEE is here for you to provide the best services around. Don’t hesitate, contact me today!

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