“I care even more about having the author’s words loved.”
It’s not my writing, but I’ll do everything I can to make it shine and be awesome while retaining the author’s style and voice. I do my damnedest to make those words loved.

Here’s a breakdown of the editing services I offer. A page has double-spacing.

Proofreading/Basic Copy Edit – checking only for the bare basics like spelling, grammar, correct tense and ensuring the flow of the narrative is comprehensible.

Extensive Copy Edit – a basic copy edit but including some constructive criticism about plot and characters, but kept to a minimum. Criticism will be given with the final edited product.

Substantive/Line/Developmental Edit – copy edit included but going further to examine characters and motivations while being checked to make sure they stay true to character, plot (and if there are any plot holes, suggestions on how to fix them), feedback on how well the overall story arc works. Feedback and commentary will be given with final edited product.

If there is a problem, we will work it out. I want to make it very clear that I do NOT edit for voice, style or tone. This work is not mine, it’s yours, and I’m just here to make it shine


Payment must be received in full either via PayPal, cash, certified check, or money order. Once I have receipt of payment (and in some cases, clearance), I will return your manuscript to you. I will provide you with an invoice if you need one. I will not discuss the details of your work with anyone except you, the client.

Amber is one of the meanings of the name Elektra (Electra). It also means radiant, shining and bright. Electra was to be one of (the muses in) the Seven Sisters, the Paleades (Pleiades) before she left, myth says, because of the events at Troy. She is the third brightest star in that constellation.

The Elektra I use is not the one who, with the help of her brother, slaughtered her family (which can be found in the Sophocles’ play of the character or Euripedes).

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